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 We have developed this guide to help you find the storage size that fits your needs! Feel confident that you are getting the most for your money here at Everett Storage Depot. Consider these questions when making your storage choice:

   Do you want to have a path to reach your items in the back?
   Are your items stackable or do you need more floor space?
   Do you want to leave some room for seasonal or extra items that are stored part of the year?

If you are looking for one or more of these conveniences, then consider getting one size larger than you think you need, to prevent having to upgrade and move all your items again. Our storage experts are here to help you with your storage needs as well. Call us or stop by and we will be happy to assist you.
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At Everett Storage Depot, we have many size options, from small lockers to large contractor spaces. The sizes below are simply to give you an idea of what size you may need. Please use it as a guide to your storage space needs, understanding that we offer much more and can help you find the right fit for your needs. Although this guide is helpful, it is best to look at a space in person to gauge size and we are happy to give you a free gift with a no obligation tour of our facility.
5x10 (50 sq ft.)

Size of a walk-in closet. Holds contents of a typical studio apartment, great for college students or for storing important business files.
10x10 (100 sq ft.)

Fits contents of a 1 to 2 bedroom apartment including appliances, plus boxes. This size is popular due to its equal width which makes room for extra wide items or allowing for a walkway.
5x15 (75 sq ft.)

Fits the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment with limited appliances, extra boxes and small items.
10x15 (150 sq ft.)

Larger than a one-car garage, this storage space holds the items of a three-bedroom apartment or small house plus extra boxes and small items.
10x20 (200 sq ft.)

The equivalent of a one-car garage and lots more. This storage space accommodates a large three bedroom home or apartment and more. It also may be used to store a car, truck, boat or RV.
10x25 (250 sq ft.)

This will hold the contents of a 26' moving truck. It is large enough to store household goods and boxes from a 3-4 bedroom apartment or house (2,000 sq. ft.) with appliances, patio furniture and many boxes, plus yard or exercise equipment. It can also accomodate a boat, vehicle or RV.
We are pleased to accomodate any business with their storage needs. Whether you are searching for a place to store your files or looking for a large garage to hold your equipment, we are here to help.
Extra Large Roll Up Doors
Power In Some Spaces
Heated Storage
Drive Up-Access
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5 X 10
We have spaces from extra small closets to extra large garage sizes- ALL Heated!
5x5 (25 sq ft.)

Great for storing extra items, stacking boxes, seasonal items and file storage.
5 X 5
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